Founded in 2002, Highland Food Resources, Inc. is a nonprofit sponsoring organization that aids in the administration of the USDA Child Care Food Program (CCFP) in the State of Florida.

Our organization guides child care centers with the implementation and execution of the Child Care Food Program on a day-to-day basis, providing training, administration, and oversight.

The goal of Child Care Food Program is to ensure that nutritious meals and snacks are served daily to participants, and that healthy eating habits are taught in a childcare setting.

Since Highland’s inception, our continued efforts have allowed us to adopt over 600 sites into the Child Care Food Program. With over 130 sponsored sites and 8000+ children currently participating, the program has demonstrated a critical need for nutritional education within each respective community. This growth covers much of Florida spanning from Sarasota to Miami-Dade County and from Monroe to Palm Beach County. Despite our widespread advocacy in the state, we continue to drive expansion and program development to ensure these benefits to any child in need.

1021 Ives Dairy Rd. Suite 214 Miami, FL 33179